• greenbelt saturday

    August 12, 2013

    y'all, it's HOT. like fry an egg on your car, oasis in the asphalt, crispy sidewalk earth worms, patio dining out of the question, face melting (not the good show kind), seat belt burnin HAWT

    we've been battling 104 degree days here in austin. our solution was to wake up bright and early and head to the greenbelt to beat dat heat. we'd taken bijou (our pup) out there once before but did it all wrong. it was her first swimming experience and she was in a full on panic. that kind of dog swimming where the paws are flailing and their eyes are wide and filled with PURE TERROR. i had no idea you kind of need to teach your pup how to swim. we hiked the 1/2 mile to our lil spot where it was nice and shallow and she took right to it. she's a total pro now, off the leash and swimmin like a fish. by 11:30am we were spent and it started feelin like an oven. the rest of our day consisted of workin' on the house and summer nappin. we may have to reenact this day next saturday...



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